The Night of the Photo

The purpose of this family friendly event is to see in beautiful frames the work of professional photographers of great talent while focusing on humanitarian causes.

Selected major photographers

Nearly 100 photographers have decided to support the Night Photo. Among them are (in alphabetical order): Walter Astrada, Calicis Olivier, Olivier Corsano, Marie-Pierre Dieterle, Ana Dumitrescu, Nicolas Gallon, Loïc Hamon, Franck LAGUILLIEZ, LiliRoze, Nicola Lo Calzo Ulla Lohmann, Marc Montméat, Fred Mortagne Pascal Nitkowski, Jib Peter, Paul-Antoine Pichard Philippe Rochot Frederick Sautereau and Dorothy Shoes.

Artists storytellers and singers

In order to enjoy the spectators of the exceptional acoustics of the theater, actors narrators, musicians and singers perform on stage, creating sequences or illustrating photographic themes chosen. Photographers are chosen for their talent, their availability and their involvement in the causes that we defend. (Freedom of the press, women’s rights and children rights of hostages and former hostages). However, as in the previous edition, we will strive to see the “light” work of artists more. Many photographers will attend Orange to present their work to a wider public. The next day, meetings will be held around a breakfast.